Калина Мрмевска

Ms. Mrmevska made her debut at the age 9 where she began taking part in various piano competitions, winning three first prizes at Macedonian competitions and three first prizes at Yugoslavian competitions. By age of 12 she was preforming with the Macedonian Philharmonic. A few short years later at the age of 18 Macedonian Radio Television chose her to represent The Republic Macedonia for the first time at the European Broadcasting Union's 7th annual Eurovision Contest for young musicians in Warsaw, Poland.
Ms. Mrmevska has won numerous awards including receiving an outstanding 99 points out of 100 at the International Piano Competition for Young Talents “Rovere d'Oro” in San Bartolomeo, Italy (1991) .
 She is also a winner of the second prize at the International Piano Competition “Schumann-Young Chang” in Macugnaga, Italy (1991).
She is a recipient of a DAAD scholarship, as well as scholarships from the Otto- Stoterau Stiftung and the Oscar and Vera Stiftung. During her stay in US she is a recipient of the Jeff Bradley Award from the University of Denver, Colorado, as well as the Staller Scholarship from the State University of New York at Stony Brook.
Ms. Mrmevska has performed as a recitalist, chamber musician and orchestra soloist in Macedonia, Bulgaria, Poland, Serbia, Italy, France, Turkey, Germany, Hungary, Spain and USA in venues such as: Musikhalle Hamburg, Macedonian Philharmonic Hall, Warsaw Philharmonic, Robert and Judy Newman Center for the Performing Arts, Denver, Hochschule fuer Music und Theater in Hamburg, Musikakademie Kassel, Telekom Zeneház Concerto Budapest, Mannes College of Music, Staller Center Stony Brook; as well as the festivals „Stars von morgen“(Concert in Cooperation mit “Villa Musica”Rheinland Pfalz, Germany), „Jovenes Solistas Internacionales“(Centre de Cultura Antiguo Instituto in Gijon/Spain, Mozartiana Festival, Macedonia, “Concerti di Primavera “ (Citta di Mascalucia, Italy), Concerti di Musica Classica “(7` Festival Europeo dei Duchi d’Acquaviva, Italy), Festival  musicale delle Nazioni, Koncerti del Tempietto, Sala Baldini, Rome, Italy Ohrid Summer Festival, Skopje Summer Festival, Interfest and Bitfest, Macedonia, II Semana Grande del Piano - Circulo Industrial- Asociación de Amigos De La Música De Alcoy, Spain, Stony Brook Chamber Festival, NY, International Keyboard Institute&Festival at Mannes College, New York.
Ms. Mrmevska is also known for taking part in humanitarian actions in the Republic of Macedonia. She was awarded the “13th November Prize of the City of Skopje” for her especially successful performances in the field of Music. Because of her reputation as a well-established young pianist she was also chosen to be the first Child Consul for the First Children's Embassy in the World - Megjashi in the Republic of Macedonia.
Ms. Mrmevska is also an active teaching artist and educator. From 2010 to 2013 she was serving at Stony Brook University in various capacities as an assistant to the Director of the Children's and Adults Programs at the Community Music Program, as a teaching assistant for the history course Introduction to Music at Stony Brook University, as a coach for the Undergraduate Chamber Music Ensembles, and as an adjunct faculty for the theory course Elements of Music.
Currently, she is a doctoral candidate at SUNY Stony Brook, where she worked as an Adjunct Faculty, as well as serves on the piano faculty at the Long Island Conservatory of Music.
Ms. Mrmevska is deeply committed to promote the Macedonian music and her next recording project features a CD with pieces from Macedonian composers. She has given both US and world premieres of Macedonian composers in USA and Europe. Her lecture recital at Stony Brook University on the Vlastimir Nikolovski’s Piano Sonata op. 28 was very well acclaimed.
Her commitment to contemporary music is very strong. She is a co-founder of the Duo Art-Vanguard, a cello/piano duo with Agnes Kallay, which presents mainly twentieth century and new music creatively combined with traditional Balkan, Eastern and Central European music. Their ongoing collaboration with the Boston University faculty composer Ketty Nez included premiering her pieces Postcards from the 1930’s and Sea-changes in Hungary, Germany, Austria and Macedonia. 
Among her recent engagements were performing a series of a solo and chamber music recitals in USA and Spain and the European tour of the Duo-Art Vanguard. In the summer of 2016, Ms. Mrmevska joined the faculty at Danube International Concerto Masterclass and Competition in Budapest, Hungary, (www.danubesummeracademy.com) where she serves as the Artistic Director.